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Caravan Service Boot is the synthesis of the experience gained over the years in the boating industry and is now a serious and important reality in the world of motor boating on Lake Garda.

The services offered in our two storage locations are summer and winter parking of boats, inflatable boats and RVs, used boats for sale and rental of motorboats.

Summer And Winter Storage

Our parking is fully supervised by a state of the art alarm system and has a large interior and exterior area.

Warehouse of 850 square meters of newly built that has fire safety plan required by law.

3000 sqm fully fenced, paved and lighted at night to prevent your vehicle is in contact with the umidity as might occur parking it on the grass.



In our two storage locations we offer summer/winter parking for boats, inflatable and RVs, used boats for sale and rental of motorboats.

[:it] Rimessaggio e Vendita Barche Lago di Garda[:nl]Boot Verkoop Gardameer [:de]Boot Verkauf Gardasee[:en] Baot Sale and Parking in Garda Lake


Used boats for sale.

[:it]Trasporto barche Lago di Garda[:nl]Boot Onderhoud Gardameer[:de]Boot Instandhaltung Gardasee[:en]Boat Tranport Garda Lake


Transport up to 3.5 tonnes.

[:it]Rimessaggio barche Lago di Garda[:nl]Boot Stallingsruimte Gardameer[:de]Boot Lagerung Gardasee[:en] Boat Parking Garda Lake


  • Antifouling
  • Wintering
  • Minor repairs
  • Custom covers
  • Cushions
  • battery replacement

Where we are

We are located in Albaré di Costermano, 1 km from the Affi motorway exit, in a strategic area very easy to maneuver driving a trailer.

Many of our customers prefer to pick up their vehicles at the beginning of their holiday and return it at the end.
Due to the convenient location from Affi you can reach all lakeside towns along the highway.


Parking Boot Gardasee Map

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